Racing Continues June 28

With Series One now in the books, the CSULBSA Shields Summer Racing Series is kicking off Series Two on Saturday June 28th at 11:00am.

Denito Syndicate Racing, Sail Team ‘Murrica, and Sopwith Camel Racing will be back at it again in Long Beach Harbor for a minimum of two races.

The teams will all start off at zero points for Series Two.

Series One concluded on June 21st after Sail Team ‘Murrica and skipper Mike Frat were narrowly able to hold off DSR and SCR for the first win of the summer. 

Series One Fleet Results (concluded 06.21.2014)

1) Sail Team ‘Murrica – 5 pts (1-2-2)
2) Sopwith Camel Racing – 6 pts (2-3-1)
3) Denito Syndicate Racing – 7 pts (3-1-3)

Check out the official CSULBSA June 28 race notice here.

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