Club Activities

The CSULB Sailing Association hosts weekly sailing events for club members as well as students of CSU Long Beach.

Check our official club calendar for upcoming events.

Group sail.

Our weekly club meetings take place every Saturday when we take our 30-foot Shields out to Long Beach Harbor. Group sail normally lasts between 2-3 hours, and the starting times vary based on season.

Learn more here.

laser-lunacy-425x240Laser lunacy.

Every Sunday our club members sail lasers in Alamitos Bay. A normal day includes some racing, backward sailing, water guns or frisbee, “Laser surfing,” and the occasional ocean sail.

Learn more here.

catalina-kayaks-425x240Special activities.

CSULBSA members are able to participate in a number of special field trips and seasonal club events throughout the year. Activities include Spring break sail + camping in Catalina, Summer camping in San Diego, and more.

Learn more here.

weasel-cup-425x240Weasel cup.

The club’s annual “anti-regatta” the Weasel Cup is a full day of fun and absurd races. The highlights include a scavenger hunt, a tag-the-pin-buoy race, a relay race, plus a “Survivor”-inspired Capri paddle and Laser rig race.

Learn more here.

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