Weasel Cup

WeaselCup-mastclimb-350x520One of the most entertaining and memorable events on the club’s summer schedule is our “anti-regatta,” the Weasel Cup.

Weasel Cup is a full day competition made up of several individual and team races. It rewards the bizarre and unorthodox skills of sailing that you won’t find in traditional race events. Events normally include:

  • Alamitos Bay Scavenger Hunt: Find 10 word clues hidden around the bay and be the first to solve the riddle and find the hidden prize.
  • Backwards Sailing Race: A windward/leeward course in which the downwind legs (2) must be sailed in reverse.
  • Crew-Relay Race: Instead of passing a baton we pass a crew member from boat to boat, ideally without capsizing!
  • Tag the Pin Buoys Race: Be the first to drop your set of 4-5 rings over a series of pins in the bay.
  • Laser Mast Climb: Scale the mast of a Laser as high as you can before it dumps you in the water!
  • Capsize Cruise around Naples Island: Lasers must capsize under two small bridges to make the transit around Naples.

Hippie Cup!

In 2014, the club held the first ever “Hippie Cup,” a Spring preview for Weasel Cup. The event was held in honor of our former club commodore Jeff “Hippie” Freed, who graduated CSULB in May and immediately began a 4-month hike of the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.

Read more about the 2014 Hippie Cup here.

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