131 – Josephine


Josephine’s last sail, 2007, with Karen on the right.

Josephine (#131) and Karen (#134) were donated to CSULB by Cornelius Shields himself, in 1967. The boats became the foundation for Shields Fleet 20.

Fast and smooth through the water in her younger days, Josephine was always a club favorite among skippers. But 40 years of sailing took their toll, and in 2007 she was removed from the water and moved to the club’s shipyard, where she’s awaited a complete hull restoration.

But finally, after 8 years of waiting, the club recently raised the money for her restoration in Summer 2014. The work began in October and in nearly complete. She’ll be back on the water as soon as June 2015.

More on Josephine
Hull Number: 131
Built: 1967, by Chris Craft Corporation
Acquired: 1967, from Cornelius Shields
Restored: 2014-15

*Current Status: Restoration nearly complete!

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One Comment on “131 – Josephine

  1. Karen and Josephine were the daughters of Brooks Maui who was the faculty of the sailing club. The shield’s were named for Brooks daughters.
    I am a former commodore of the CSULB sailing club (1975). I sailed both Josephine and Karen often and won several “Wet Wednesdays” races.. At the time it was said former commodores had lifetime Shield sailing privileges. I have not sailed the Shield’s since about 1980 since I live 250 miles north.

    Does anybody know what happened to Brooks Maui or his daughters?

    Harold Wright

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