Advanced Instruction

Attention members of the public:

Sailing instruction with the CSULBSA is open only to CSULB students and a limited number of faculty, staff and alumni.

Members of the public are encouraged to contact Leeway Sailing Center (562-570-1719) and inquire about sailing courses offered by the City of Long Beach Dept of Parks, Recreation & Marine.

Club members who have completed Beginner instruction may earn the opportunity to begin Advanced Sailing instruction using the club’s Shields keelboats.

Members must be approved by senior staff, who consider a number of factors beyond boat handling skills alone, such as club participation and service. 


Once a member is approved as a “skipper-in-training,” he/she begins working with veteran Shields skippers.  

“Mentor” skippers work with trainees on a checklist of necessary knowledge and skills, culminating in a combined written and on-the-water test by the CSULBSA keelboat instructor.

What you will learn.

  • Advanced sailing knowledge
    >>>>Advanced sail theory; Navigation & charts;
  • Boat and equipment
    >>>>Parts of the boat; Rigging & down-rigging; Proper maintenance;
  • Boat handling skills
    >>>>Launching; Docking; Steerage with/without tiller; Reefing a sail;
  • Boat safety
    >>>>Right-of-way rules; Man overboard procedure; Anchoring;
  • plus Racing tactics!

Satisfactory completion of the CSULB’s Advanced Sailing course earns a student a skipper rating for the club’s keelboats and catamarans.


No cost. Advanced instruction is included with regular CSULBSA membership dues. 

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