After Day Two Split, ‘Murrica Wins Race Series One

Sail Team ‘Murrica was named the winner of Shields Summer Racing – Series One on June 21st, after the fleet split even points on the second day of racing.

‘Murrica, Denito Syndicate Racing (DSR) and Sopwith Camel Racing (SCR) each added 4 points to their Day One results. In the end, ‘Murrica’s 5 series points were enough to hold off SCR (6 pts) and DSR (7 pts) for the first win of the summer.

Race One was a single windward/leeward race of ~3.0 miles, with spinnakers, and some controversy. DSR was called over early by SCR, a decision that was later overturned by the committee, which gave DSR a 1st place, ‘Murrica a 2nd, and SCR a 3rd. 

Race Two took the boats on 2 laps and 2 spinnaker sets, for about 6.0 miles roundtrip. Race Two’s start was a clean one and Sopwith Camel Racing led wire-to-wire for the win, followed by Sail Team ‘Murrica in 2nd and Denito Syndicate Racing in 3rd. 

(Click here to see the course map.)

June 21 racing crews:

Denito Syndicate Racing, sailing Isabelle

Dennis Trombley (S), Chris Hill, Gwynn Markel, David Woerner

Sail Team ‘Murrica, sailing Karen

Mike Fratantoro (S), Tatiana Misares, Abel Olivieri, Estela Tejidor

Sopwith Camel Racing, sailing Dark Horse

Charlie Abbott (S), Matt Kamlet, Donnie Little

Shields Summer Racing Series-One
Final Series Points:
  1. Sail Team ‘Murrica: 5 pts (1+2+2)
  2. Sopwith Camel Racing: 6 pts (2+3+1)
  3. Denito Syndicate Racing: 7 pts (3+1+3)
Next Race:

The next scheduled race day is Saturday June 28th at 11:00 am. All three teams will begin Series Two points at zero.

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