10 – Dark Horse

Shields-DarkHorse-350x450Dark Horse (#10) is one of the original 12 Shields commissioned by Cornelius Shields and built by Sparkman & Stephens and Cape Cod Shipbuilding.

The oldest hull in Fleet 20, Dark Horse is the preferred boat for many of our CSULBSA skippers. A more rigid hull bodes well in stronger winds and choppy seas, which are both common when sailing in Long Beach.

In 2017 Dark Horse was hauled out of the water for her first major restoration work in decades, receiving extensive deck work and a full interior and exterior paint job.  She currently is moving through the restoration process now, with work progressing on new teak, rigging, and hardware.

As always, the CSULBSA is extremely grateful to the CA State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways for their support and funding for our safety and educational programs, including much of Dark Horse’s and our other Shields’ restorations.

More on Dark Horse
Hull Number: 10
Built: 1963, by Cape Cod Shipbuilding
Acquired: 2001
Restored: Restoration begun 2017

Previous Location: Dallas, TX (Shields Fleet 11 – Rush Creek Yacht Club)
*Current Status: In Restoration!

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