Laser Lunacy

Laser-lunacy-350x450Sundays. 11:00am. Lasers. 

One of the club’s longest standing traditions, “Laser Lunacy” invites all skippers out to Alamitos Bay for morning and afternoon Laser sailing. On warmer days, it’s no surprise to see all 12 of the club’s boats on the water.

A normal day includes some racing, backward sailing, water guns or frisbee, “Laser surfing,” and the occasional ocean sail (chase boat req’d).

Every so often, the lunatics take the “The Capsize Cruise” and circumnavigate Naples Island by capsizing the boats and swimming them under two small bridges toward Mother’s Beach. You’re not truly a CSULBSA Laser skipper until you’ve taken the Capsize Cruise!

Club members only. Contact club member Kyle Henneberque [] for more info. 

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