For-Credit Courses


REC 121A is for current CSULB students only.

Current cost.

Refer to the official CSULB university website for current tuition and fees.


For more information, check out the CSULB Kinesiology Dept website and contact the Kinesiology Dept at 

Each semester, current CSULB undergrads have the option to take beginner sailing instruction as a for-credit course through the university’s Recreation and Leisure Studies Department.

REC 121A is a 1.0 unit, semester-long class designed for those with little or no prior sailing experience.


Two sessions of REC 121A are offered each Fall and Spring semester. Students may register for [Friday 10:00am to 12:40pm] OR [Friday 1:00pm to 3:40pm] sessions.

All students must first pass a swim test or provide acceptable documentation that proves their ability to swim. (No exceptions.)  

capri14-04What you will learn.

Students receive instruction from U.S. Sailing-certified instructors using Capri 14-foot dinghies.

  • Foundational knowledge
    >>>>Basic sail theory; Nautical terminology; Weather, tides & currents;
  • Boat and equipment
    >>>>Parts of the boat; Knot tying; How to rig & down-rig the boat;
  • Boat handling skills
    >>>>Launching; Docking; Tacking & jibing; Steerage with/without tiller;
  • Boat safety
    >>>>Right-of-way rules; Capsize procedure; Man overboard procedure.

Then what?

boats-capris-400x240For those students who wish to continue sailing with the CSULBSA, the club offers an optional “skipper checkout” test following REC 121A.

Passing the skipper checkout will earn you a U.S. sailing beginner completion card and allow you to become an active member of the CSULB Sailing Association.

Come be a part of all the fun our sailing club has to offer!

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