Shields Fleet 20

The Shields Class racing sloop is a 30-foot one-design keelboat first built in the early 1960s by legendary Long Island yachtsman Cornelius Shields.

The CSULB Sailing Association manages Shields Fleet 20, which consists of five yachts.

Fleet 20 is one of only 15 remaining in the U.S. and one of only three on the West Coast. Fleets are governed nationally by the Shields Class Sailing Association.

Fleet 20 membership.

Membership in Shields Fleet 20 is limited to members of the CSULB Sailing Association. All skippers must pass a rigorous written exam and on-the-water evaluation in order to be named a Shields skipper.

For CSULBSA club members, there is no higher honor than to become a Shields skipper. Members are expected to be active sailors in the fleet and to support club activities like Group Sail, as well as helping to train future Shields skippers.


More about the Shields Class:

First Built: 1962   |   Concept: Cornelius Shields   |   Designers: Sparkman & Stephens
Builders: Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co, Chris Craft Corporation, Henry R Hinckley & Co
Number of Hulls Built: 259   |   Number of Active Boats: 248
Hull Length Overall (LOA): 30 ft 2.5 in   |   Length-at-Waterline (LWL): 20 ft
Beam: 6 ft 5.25 in   |   Draft: 4 ft 9 in   |   Mast height: 36 ft 6 in   |   Sail area: 360 sq ft
Displacement: 4,600 lbs   |   Keel: 3,080 lbs


Learn more about Shields here:

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CSULB Shields Sailing Videos:

CSULB Sailing – Boxing Day Race l 12.26.15

CSULB Sailing – Boxing Day Race Victory Lap l 12.26.21

Shields in PopTops 6 2 16

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