Beginner Instruction

Attention members of the public:

Sailing instruction with the CSULBSA is open only to CSULB students and a limited number of faculty, staff and alumni.

Members of the public are encouraged to contact Leeway Sailing Center (562-570-1719) and inquire about sailing courses offered by the City of Long Beach Dept of Parks, Recreation & Marine.

At the start of Spring and Fall semesters, CSULBSA offers Beginner Sailing instruction. These 8-week classes are for those with little or no prior sailing experience. 


Courses are held once per week, in 4-hour sessions. (Students may sign up for either Saturdays or Sundays.) Priority for all sailing courses is given to students.

Satisfactory completion of the Beginner course earns each participant a sailing completion card from U.S. Sailing and a skipper rating for the club’s Capris and Lasers.

capri14-04What you will learn.

  • Foundational knowledge
    >>>>Basic sail theory; Nautical terminology; Weather, tides & currents;
  • Boat and equipment
    >>>>Parts of the boat; Knot tying; How to rig & down-rig the boat;
  • Boat handling skills
    >>>>Launching; Docking; Tacking & jibing; Steerage with/without tiller;
  • Boat safety
    >>>>Right-of-way rules; Capsize procedure; Man overboard procedure.

Current cost. (02.01.15)

$100 per 8-week course (one 4-hr session per week). Swim test or relevant swim certifications also required. (No exceptions.)

How to sign up.

Sign-ups take place twice a year, in-person, at our Club Welcome BBQs at the start of each Fall and Spring semester. Check our calendar for the next scheduled BBQ or read more at our How to Join page.


Contact CSULBSA’s small boat instructor Carol Lyon at for more information.

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