First Ever ‘Hippie Cup’ a Success

Jeff “Hippie” Freed was top dog at the CSULBSA’s first ever “Hippie Cup” regatta on May 4, 2014 — a sailing competition that featured fun, non-traditional Laser races. 

Hippie, our outgoing Commodore (club president), won 2 of 3 Laser races and reminded everyone of his memorable performance in the 2013 Weasel Cup, when he took first place in 3 of 5 sailing events.

Among the regatta’s races were a backwards sailing race, a pin buoy tag course, and a crew-relay race. 

Race One: Tag the Pin Buoys

Competitors have 4 colored tags that have to be placed on each of 4 small pin buoys. 

  1. Jeff Hippie Freed
  2. Mike Fratantoro
  3. Abel Olivieri

Race Two: Backwards Race

A windward/leeward course where the downwind leg has to be sailed in reverse. 

  1. Jeff Hippie Freed
  2. Mike Fratantoro
  3. Tatiana Misares

Race Three: Relay-the-Crew Member Race

A 2-lap relay race where instead of passing a baton, you pass a crew member from Laser to Laser, and try not to capsize in the process.

  1. Abel Olivieri – Estela Tejidor – Tiffani Wiles
  2. Camille Hambly – Kyle Henneberque – David Woerner
  3. Jeff Hippie Freed – Tatiana Misares – Diana Park
  4. Mike Fratantoro – Laurel Skinner – Jake Hawkins

Following racing, the group went on the club’s famous “Capsize Cruise” around Naples Island. The course takes the Lasers under two small bridges, and the only way to get through is to capsize the boat and swim it underneath. 

“Hippie Cup” was billed as a Spring preview for the club’s Weasel Cup summer regatta, which features many of the same unorthodox races. 

The event was held in honor of Hippie, who will graduate from CSU Long Beach on May 21st and immediately begin a 4-month hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, from Mexico to Canada. Hippie’s hiking schedule means he will miss the 2014 Weasel Cup, which, based on his success the last two years, is a good thing for the other club skippers!

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