Club Hosts ‘Capri Rugby’ Match

If you’re a little clueless about what a game of Capri Rugby is supposed to look like, we’re not really sure ourselves — but that didn’t stop the CSULB Sailing Association from attempting its first ever match on October 19th. 

Fourteen club members and beginner students showed up and gave it a college try, and the result was equal parts chaos, frustration, and fun.

Capri-Rugby-Oct2014-350Each team was made up of three capris, crewed by 2-3 sailors: Red PFDs vs. Yellow PFDs. Two “goal lines” established the 50-yard beam reach field, and a 10-second shot-clock meant the pace was frenzied.

The objective was to get possession of a ball and pass it to your teammate boats, then sail it across your team’s goal line. But after difficulty scoring any goals in the first 15-20 minutes, several rule changes were made on the fly.

Due to several near-collisions between boats, the game was called off after about 45 minutes. In the end, the Red Team conquered the Yellow Team, but the only thing really decided that day is that we need a safer, higher-scoring version for match #2 in the spring. 

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