The Fleet

Cornelius-Shields-450x275In 1967, Long Island yachtsman Cornelius Shields donated two Shields Class racing sloops to Cal State Long Beach. These boats became the foundation of Shields Fleet 20.

Forty-seven years later, Josephine (131) and Karen (134) are still sailing and in that time we’ve added three other Shields to the fleet, which we use for instruction, racing, and special trips.

Click on the images below to read more about our boats.


Fleet20-DarkHorse-filter-175x466 Fleet20-Izzy-filter-175x466 Fleet20-Josey-filter-175x466 Fleet20-Karen-filter-175x466 Fleet20-Judy-filter-175x466

More about the Shields Class:

First Built: 1962   |   Concept: Cornelius Shields   |   Designers: Sparkman & Stephens
Builders: Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co, Chris Craft Corporation, Henry R Hinckley & Co
Number of Hulls Built: 259   |   Number of Active Boats: 248
Hull Length Overall (LOA): 30 ft 2.5 in   |   Length-at-Waterline (LWL): 20 ft
Beam: 6 ft 5.25 in   |   Draft: 4 ft 9 in   |   Mast height: 36 ft 6 in   |   Sail area: 360 sq ft
Displacement: 4,600 lbs   |   Keel: 3,080 lbs
Learn more at the Shields Class Sailing Association webpage here.

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