Student Officers

Student skippers are the core of the CSULB Sailing Association and some of them are chosen to be club officers. Serving as officers not only gives them the chance to improve their sailing ability, it provides them with the leadership skills they’ll need after graduating.

Some of their responsibilities include: advocating for the club, recruiting new members, coaching beginner sailors, organizing weekly group sails, volunteering for special activities and meetings, and organizing boat maintenance days.

Our new 2016-17 student officers are: (and you can also meet our club advisors here)

officers-kyle-375Commodore (club president)

Kyle Henneberque, B.A. ’13 (History) / M.B.A. May ’18

Beginning his second year as commodore, Kyle has been at the helm since September 2015. He got his start with the club in Spring 2011, when he took the beginner Friday classes as an undergraduate History major, and became a Shields skipper in Sept 2015. Since then he’s been an integral part of weekly sailing, like Shields group sail and Laser Lunacy, the latter of which is his preferred boat to sail. In 10 years you may see him sailing either a classic gaff-rigged schooner or more modern cutter-rigged ketch.

officers-tim-375Vice Commodore (vice president)

Tim Gallagher, B.A. May ’18 (Environmental Science & Policy)

New vice commodore Tim Gallagher is at the top of the list of Shields skippers-in-training. Prior to enrolling in the club’s Capri 14 sailing lessons in Fall 2014, Tim had no sailing or boating experience. Since then he’s become one of the club’s most active racers — racing regularly on the Shields and on Long Beach-based Catalina 38 “Bilbo Baggins.” For now, his favorite boat to sail is the Hobie 18, that is until he gets his hands on a Q Class yacht in 10 years or so.

officers-kelly-375Lieutenant (club treasurer)

Kelly Schwartz, B.A. May ’19 (Psychology)

Since finishing her Sailing 101 course in Fall 2015, new club treasurer Kelly Schwartz has jumped right into the Shields skipper-in-training program. She is one of the few club members with pre-CSULB sailing and boating experience, having been “born on a boat,” her parents tell her. The Shields are her favorite boat to sail, mainly because she hates to capsize, and the Shields keel eliminates that risk, she says. After she graduates from CSULB in May 2019, look for her sailing around the world (via Hawaii) with her brother in a black 60-foot yacht with teak interior, flying white sails with a pink stripe and purple running rigging.

officers-brooke-375Lieutenant (club secretary)

Brooke Pence, B.A. May ’19 (Psychology)

Brooke Pence is starting her second year with CSULB Sailing, after wrapping up her beginner sailing lessons in Fall 2015. Since then she’s been an active Laser “Lunatic” and Hobie 18 sailor but her favorite boat to sail is the Shields. Despite the fact she had only experience with powerboats, she’s already on her way to becoming a Shields skipper-in-training. The Shields are just a stepping stone for her though, as someday she expects to own the galleon used as “The Black Pearl” in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series because “I love pirates!” she says.

officers-tiffany-375Lieutenant (club social chair)

Tiffany Hoa, B.S. May ’20 (Civil Engineering)

Before club social chair Tiffany Hoa got her first taste of sailing in CSULB’s 101 course, her only previous boating experience was building a boat out of paper as part of a physics class assignment. It floated, but luckily she tried out the real thing and finished her beginner class in Fall of 2015. Since then she’s been an active Laser sailor and wants to own a boat someday, mostly so she can have a boat cat (like this one).

officers-rusty-375Lieutenant (club maintenance chair)

Rusty Barie, B.S. May ’20 (Aerospace Engineering)

Aerospace Engineering student Rusty Barie may be the only current CSULB sailor with a Boy Scout merit badge for sailing on his résumé. Having sailed Capri 14s in his Boy Scout days and enjoyed it, he looked up the sailing club as soon as he enrolled at CSULB in Fall 2015 and began sailing right away. His top boat is the Laser and he wants to own a boat in the future as long as it meets his strict criteria: “something quick and fun to sail.”

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