One-day Clinic Gives CSULB Students a Crash Course in Sailing

On October 3rd, the CSULB Sailing Association hosted a one-day beginner sailing clinic for 10 CSULB students in the university’s “Outdoor Adventure” (OA) program.

The OA program is operated by the university’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center, part of Associated Students, Inc (ASI).

Nearly all of the students arrived with no previous sailing experience, but by the end of the day they were tacking and jibing like seasoned sailors.

Check out the full gallery of photos on our Facebook page, here.

Lead instructor Charlie Abbott provided students with an interactive series of lectures and demonstrations designed to give them the basics of sailing, including:

  • Foundational knowledge: Basic sail theory; Nautical terminology
  • Boat & equipment: Knot tying; How to rig & down-rig the boat;
  • Boat handling skills: Launching; Tacking & jibing;
  • Boat safety: Coast Guard safety requirements; Aids to navigation.

Following the classroom exercises, students participated in two-and-a-half hours of on-the-water instruction.

Assisting with the on-the-water instruction (and some of the classroom lectures) were club Shields skippers Paul Sorenson, Gwynn Markle, Mike Fratantoro, and club commodore Kyle Henneberque.

Each student had the opportunity to take the helm and complete a number of sailing maneuvers as the boats toured Long Beach Harbor, some of them sailing to the Queen Mary in Downtown Long Beach. 

NOTE: If you are a CSULB student and are interested in participating in a beginner sailing course, contact club instructor and faculty advisor Carol Lyon for more information. You can also read more at our Learn to Sail page. 

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