Cleaning Up the Coast

The California Coastal Commission held its annual statewide cleanup day on Saturday, September 19th and the CSULB Sailing Association pitched in to help clean the beaches.

Amongst the crowd of volunteers combing the beaches near Belmont Peninsula,  a number of CSULBSA members grabbed orange buckets and hauled over 25 pounds of trash of the beach.

One member, Hayle Sheldon, helped pull a couch out of the surf with other volunteers and take it to the collection site.

The event brought out some  past club commodores Rich Marubayashi and Capt. Craig Schroeder.

In all, 53,555 volunteers at nearly 900 sites across the state picked up:

  • Trash: 548,450 lbs (almost 275 tons)
  • Recyclable materials: 65,738 lbs (almost 33 tons)
  • Total: 614,188 pounds (307 tons)

“The volunteer showing today was absolutely incredible,” said Eben Schwartz, marine debris program manager for the California Coastal Commission, in a press release.

According to the Coastal Commission, most debris on beaches and shorelines is made up of “single-use” disposable plastic items including wrappers, cups, straws, bags, and cigarette butts that originate on land and travel through storm drains, creeks, or rivers to the ocean.

For more information, visit the Coastal Commission’s website.

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