Shields Match Race at July 4th Regatta

Unable to field a third Shields team, CSULB match raced at this year’s ABYC 4th of July Regatta. Strong Beach Sailing took the first three races on Day One, and the first on Day Two to seal the regatta win. 

The event was held from July 11 to 12, 2015.


Before the race the two teams had a random boat draw: Dennis Trombley and his “Denito Syndicate Racing” team drew Isabelle (sail #45), and Mike Fratantoro’s “Strong Beach Sailing” team would sail Karen (sail #35).

The race committee organized the Ocean classes as follows: 
*A: Thistles 
*B: Cal 20s 
*C: Shields (+ Swift Solos, Sunday)
*D: Optis (Green class) 

The Ocean classes would sail near Seal Beach, with the leeward gate near the pier and upwind marks in the direction of the East end of the LB breakwater. On Day One, the CSULB Shields had their own class start. On Day Two the Shields started with the Swift Solo class. 

Check out the race course here.

DAY ONE (Four Races)

It was a traditional Southwesterly wind on Day One, with a standard upwind-downwind course, including a leeward gate and upwind finish. 

Strong Beach Sailing (Paul Sorenson, Estela Tejidor, Kyle Henneberque, and skipper Mike Fratantoro) sailing on Karen (#35) won Race #1, #2 and #3, leading start-to-finish in all three.

Team Denito (Gwynn Markle, John Majkut, Robert Munroe and skipper Dennis Trombley) came back to win the fourth and final race of Day One. Despite missing the pre-start warning signal, they won the start of Race 4 and held on for their first win of the regatta.  

Denito (2-2-2-1) finished Day One only two points behind Strong Beach (1-1-1-2), with three races scheduled for Day Two.

DAY TWO (Three Races)

With only one win needed to clinch the regatta win, Strong Beach (Mike F, Paul, Estela and Michelle Moss) came out swinging with a win in Race 5 to seal the deal.

Team Denito (Dennis, Gwynn, John and Tatiana Misares) finished strong, taking Races 6 and 7. Strong Beach was leading in Race 6 but overstood the lay-line for the jibe mark, allowing Denito to pass. In Race 7, Strong Beach was first to the windward mark but touched the mark with their mainsail topping lift, and the penalty turns allowed Denito to pull ahead and win.

ABYC July 4th Regatta, Final Results, Shields Class – 07.12.15

8 pts – Strong Beach Sailing, sailing Dark Horse, sail #35 [1-1-1-(2)-1-2-2]
*Mike Fratantoro, Paul Sorenson, Estela Tejidor, Kyle Henneberque (Sat-only), Michelle Moss (Sun-only)

9 pts – Denito Syndicate Racing, sailing Karen, sail #45 [2-(2)-2-1-2-1-1)
*Dennis Trombley, Gwynn Markle, John Majkut, Robert Munroe (Sat-only), Tatiana Misares (Sun-only)

( ) = one race throw-out

Next Race

CSULB Fleet 20 will continue sailing in Seal Beach Yacht Club’s weekly “Pop Tops” series through August.

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