Epic Surf Hits Long Beach

The CSULBSA suspended sailing activities for the week of August 25-29, as the storm surge from Hurricane Marie brought “the largest swell of waves to hit the Southern California coastline in over a decade,” according to the OC Register.

But that didn’t stop others from venturing out into the waves. CSULBSA boatwright Dennis Trombley took his camera down to the Alamitos Bay jetty and snapped some photos of surfers, boogie-boarders and powerboats amidst the waves.

He also saw a lone sailboat attempt the trip out of the channel, even as 8-10 foot waves crashed at the entrance. The sailboat made it out between sets, but it was a move Trombley called lucky and idiotic.

The OC Register reported that the force of the waves damaged sections of the Long Beach breakwater, which was built between 1941 and 1949. The Army Corps of Engineers is still assessing the damage, which ranges from minor to significant.

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