Weasel Cup Takes Over Alamitos Bay

The CSULB Sailing Association’s annual “anti-regatta,” The Weasel Cup, returned on Sunday August 24, 2014 and lived up to the event’sĀ fun and absurd traditions.

Nearly a dozen club members participated in a full day of non-traditional races. The highlights included a scavenger hunt, a tag-the-pin-buoy race, a relay race, and the first ever “Survivor”-inspired Capri paddle and Laser rig race.

Club member David Woerner was the most decorated participant, as he won 3 of the 4 events, including the Capri Paddle with Tatiana Misares and Kyle Henneberque, the Scavenger Hunt with Camille Hambly, and the pin buoy race (solo).

Closing out the day with a win in the Laser relay race were current Commodore Tatiana Misares and former Commodore Camille Hambly, who won a tiebreak race after the first was ruled “too close to call.”

Check out the video highlights here:

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